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Visitors' comments

i love this game so much it helps you learn and it teaches you about immune systems and that is good for people to learn
james, 13
>\_\_< i don't like this game i is so boring and i can't do anything other that throwing the six legged spider!!!!!!!
Zippy, 116
WHY DOES YOUR SPIDER HAVE SIX LEGS!!!?????!!!!!????!!!!???
Zippy, 116
This website is Great!
Jamie, 14
great game!i thought it was very interesting learning about different bacterias and infections!
tuktai, 14
This game is totall cool for all the cool dude out there!
tree, 67
it's awesome!! I can easily understand and imagine how it works!! what a great job!! I envy it
sri, 19
AWESOME!!!!!!! :D
jomothy, 13
At first I was confused but then I got it!
Katherine, 10
Hello I am an AS student in Newcastle and i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed your way of teaching the immune response and it proved helpful. Thankyou:)
Mariam, 16
The bug is very distracting take it off
bob, 13
I think it should also be emphasized that antibodies coat the pathogens in order to make them more palatable to phagocytes. :D Great visuals. :D Makes studying a lot more interesting. :)
Christine, 21
this is awesome i love this stuff and it is just so cool
i love this game veary much i think
jasmine, 8
This is prettty amazing yo!
Skyler, 42
it stinks
greg, 51
an excellent interactive science web site for middle school
philip, 50
nice tutorial
ankita, 28
Very interesting animated presentations but, unfortunately, text is mature adult only. My wife and I tutor mainly K-12 ESL students and would appreciate an option for language vocabulary levels and larger font sizes, appropriate for younger ESL learners, thus widening the usefulness and universal appeal considerably. In addition, some comments from younger visitors shown are too childish, inappropriate and negative and should be filtered out. Positive commentary is contagious !!
Steve, 69
Hey, Even mathematicians like me can grasp the beauty of the human defense system through this (excellent) application. regards, Bart
Bart, 22
cuutee gammee
chrissy, 16
good job...
good job...
Highly educational - an excellent resource. This should be used in schools more widely.
Gavin, 37
this game is terrible im never playing it agian.
the face
this game is the worst game i have ever played in my life i cant imagine why i played this game so long. utterly terrible....
the face
This is a wonderful site
Liz, 55
this is an great way to reinforce and simplifying learning
Maria, 53
I like Biology, it's definatley my favourite science department, but I found this game not very interesting. I was set it as homework and found it not catching me. I recommend LearnGenetics to give you some more ideas. Thankyou.
Abbie, 13
'dr surendra, 56'
I noticed that this game won't play on my computer - I click on the game, and get a black screen. The other games all work nicely.
Tom, 61
Nice games.
i enjoy a lot
alexandra, 14
Great idea but one slide doesn't work (#4), one can't be clicked on as obsuced by AZ logo
i love these information
sangwan, 24
this was a really good educational game, much better than all of the other ones out there!
lauren, 16
Wonderful game, if this could be translated to other languages, it could be used in schools anywhere for biology education...
Iwan, 26