The Pavlov's Dog Game - Help

Aim of the game:

The object of this game is to try to make the dog drool on command using the correct combination of food (ham, sausages or bananas) and sound (horn, drum or bell).  You have to use the same sound every time you wake the dog up from his sleep to feed him, otherwise he will not learn to associate the sound with food. The dog will also not learn to respond to the sound if you serve him with food that he does not like. 

Help - the Pavlov's Dog Game
Choose one of the sounds. To establish a conditioned response, you have to choose one sound and always use this sound before feeding.

Help - the Pavlov's Dog Game
Click on the instrument you have chosen, then feed the dog with something he likes by dragging the food onto the plate using the mouse cursor.

Help - the Pavlov's Dog Game
3. Repeat this procedure until the dog starts salivating even before he gets the food.

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