The MRI Magnetic Miracle Game - Help

Aim of the game:
In this game you are to assist during an MRI investigation and afterwards sort some images. You can earn five magnets out of five if you are good att "memory games" and know the differences between MRI, X-ray and CAT images!

Help - the MRI Game
When the first text field appears you have to click on the little arrow in the bottom right corner to proceed. This is the way to proceed in the game unless you are exhorted to do something else.

Help - the MRI Game
If you want to skip the introduction, click on "Skip"!

Help - the MRI Game
Click on the folders in the upper left corner, or click on the arrows in the bottom right corner, to select one of the patients. When you have selected a proper MRI patient click on "Select".

Help - the MRI Game
Click on "Yes" or "No" on the MRI questionnaire. If you click "No" you have to select another patient.

Help - the MRI Game
Now you have to remove all metal objects from the patient by clicking on them. When finished click on "Proceed to MRI". If you haven't removed all objects you will have to do it again.

Help - the MRI Game
Choose some music for the patient if you like! Click on "Proceed with MRI" when ready.

Help - the MRI Game
Now there is a "memory game"-like exercise - try to find two equal images. The number of moves you make is shown in the upper left corner. The fewer moves the better points in the end.

Help - the MRI Game
Sort the images to the right folder!

Help - the MRI Game
In the end you get evaluated. If you've succeded with the memory and the sorting you can get five out of five magnets .


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