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The MRI educational game is based on the 2003 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, which was awarded for discoveries concerning MRI - magnetic resonans imaging. A technique making it possible to get images of soft tissue inside the body.

First published: November 2004
Estimated play time: 10 min.
Sound: Yes
High score: No

MRI - the Magnetic Miracle Game

- What is MRI?
- Why can't you have things made of metal near the MRI apparatus?
- What kind of images can you get with the MRI technique compared to other imaging techniques called X-ray and CAT?

Magnetic resonance imaging, MRI, represents a breakthrough in medical diagnostics and research. Worldwide, more than 60 million investigations with MRI are performed each year.

In this game you are to assist in an MRI investigation. You have to choose one patient out of four, for conducting an MRI investigation. This patient may not have a pacemaker, implants of metal, nor suffering from claustrofobia. Hereafter you have to remove all objects made of metal from the patient, before put in the MRI apparatus. The problem after the investigation, is that a computer is dropped on the floor and all images becomes disorganized. Your mission will be to sort these images into the proper folders: X-ray images to the X-ray folder, MRI-images to the MRI folder and so on.

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