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About Immune Responses

The Immune Responses production is based on several Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine awarded discoveries related to Immune Responses, from the first Nobel Prize in 1901 until 2010.

Immune Responses

- What happens when our body is attacked by foreign substances?
- What is immunity?
- How do vaccines work?
- How does our body get rid of bacteria and viruses?
- How is our immune system involved in blood transfusions, skin grafts or so called anaphylactic shocks?

The Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine have rewarded several breakthroughs that revealed the way in which our bodies protect us against different microscopic threats. Each of these breakthroughs have provided us with a better understanding of how the immune system senses an attack, how it recognizes and deals with intruders without destroying its own cells and tissues, but also how it can malfunction and unleash its destructive forces upon itself.

Start with going through the ten interactive stops in the Immune Responses production. Afterwards, you can read the overview article "The immune system: In defence of our lives" which provides an in-depth reading about the Nobel Prize awarded achievements related to the immune system.

Reading: "The immune system: In defence of our lives"

- Vaccines and immunity
- Arguments over immunity
- Phagocytosis: Gobbling up germs
- Side-chains and antibodies: Precision killing
- Innate and acquired immunity
- Antitoxins and passive serum therapy
- Complements needed
- Where do antibodies come from?
- Understanding antibodies
- Antibodies on demand
- Avoiding Sself-harm
- A learning process
- Rejection and tolerance
- Uncovering the ‘self’ momolecules
- Human self molecules revealed
- Understanding the MHC/HLA
- Virus scans
- Immune system and anaphylactic shock
- Autoimmune diseases
- Past, present and future

Read "The immune system: In defence of our lives"

Immune Responses was produced by: Nobel Media. Sound design by Sound Propulsion, Stockholm.
First published: 6 September 2010
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