The Incredible Megacell Game - Help

Aim of the game:
In a freak accident Professor Megacell falls into an ultracentrifuge while he is explaining to students how it is used to separate organelles, the specialised components of a cell. As a result, some of his organelles are scattered around and he himself ends up hanging from a ceiling fan. Your mission is to return Professor Megacell 's missing organelles to him using a slingshot. Each time, you must read the hints to figure out which organelle to fire at him as he rotates in the fan. For example, if you see the hint, "He looks like he has lost all his energy", you should select and shoot the mitochondria, the biological power plant that provides the energy to drive chemical reactions in a cell.

You are only allowed to make three mistakes when selecting which organelle to fire at Professor Megacell. The less mistakes you make, and the quicker you are, the more points you will score. If you are really quick at returning Professor Megacell 's missing organelles to him you could end up on the all-time high score list!

help - the incredible megacell game
Click on the door to join Professor Megacell's class.

Help - the Incredible Megacell Game
Follow the cartoon by clicking on the red arrows!

Help - the Incredible Megacell Game
Click on the stick!

Help - the Incredible Megacell Game
Read the hint in the right speech bubble and roll over the organelles with the mouse cursor.
Tip: Not sure which organelle matches which hint? See the "Organelle Key" section below.

Help - the Incredible Megacell Game
Move the specific organelle you have chosen to the slingshot. Drag and release the mouse cursor when you are satisfied with the distance. Try to hit Professor Megacell in the fan!

Help - the Incredible Megacell Game
If you have forgotten any hints you can click on the small speech bubbles in the upper left corner to read them again.


Organelle key
Mitochondria - the power plant of the cell, provides the energy, ATP (Adenosine-5'-triphosphate), that drives chemical reactions).
Hint: "He looks like he has lost all his energy."

- contains the genetic construction plan.
Hint: "He seems to be missing the core somehow."

Endoplastic reticulum
- proteins are synthesized and packed for "export" to the cell surface or to other organelles.  In the electron microscope the endoplastic reticulum looks like a network of deflated sacks.
Hint: "Proteins are produced in him, but only for internal use. Something where the proteins could be packed in ...".

Lysosomes and peroxisomes
- the cell produces a lot of waste material that is broken down and disposed of here.
Hint: "It looks like he can't take care of his waste material."

Ribosomes - protein factories of the cell. Free ribosomes produce proteins for internal use, whereas ribosomes attached to the endoplastic reticulum produce soluble or membrane-attached proteins for exporting out of the cell.
Hint: "Nothing seems to be produced in him, normally he seems to be stuffed with proteins."

Golgi apparatus
- proteins produced by ribosomes in the endoplastic reticulum are refined and modified before they are transported to the cell surface or to a lysosome for example.
Hint: "The proteins have to be refined somehow on their way out to the cell surface."

- the fluid that fills the cell and helps the cell to maintain its internal pressure.
Hint: "He seems to have lost his internal pressue."

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