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About Nerve Signaling

The Nerve Signaling production is based on several Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine 1906-2010, awarded for discoveries related to nerve signaling.

Nerve Signaling

- How are nerve cells made up?
- How do nerves carry the signals that coordinate all the activities in our body?
- How has the research in neurosciences developed through the 2000th century?

The Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine have rewarded several achievements that helped to reveal the mysterious complexities of the nervous system. The breakthroughs made by each of the Nobel Laureates below have provided us with a better understanding of how nerves are made up, and how they create and transmit information in the form of nerve impulses that monitor and co-ordinate all the activities in our bodies.

Science is only just beginning to understand the brain's remarkable form of 'software' - the way it works as a whole to enable us to live and think - but an amazing series of scientific breakthroughs have given us insight into its 'hardware'. Each of the Nobel Laureates who appear in this brief story has taken us further down the path towards understanding how nerves are made up and carry the signals that coordinate all the activities in our bodies.

Reading: "Nerve signaling: Tracing the wiring of life"

- Mapping the nervous system
- Find the gap!
- Building nerve circuits
- Generating nerve signals
- Acting on impulses
- Voltage regulator
- Crossing the gap
- Chemical communication
- Brain-enhancing chemicals
- Mind matters

Read "Nerve signaling: Tracing the wiring of life"

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First published: September 16 2009
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This production is part of the AstraZeneca Nobel Medicine Initiative.

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About the educational games

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