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Immune Responses

Learn about our bodies' immune system and how it protects us.
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About the game

Find out how the body's immune system functions and learn about the Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine awarded for discoveries within the field of immunology.
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The Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine have rewarded several achievements that helped to reveal the mysterious complexities of the immune system.
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The immune system: In defence of our lives - Overview

Watch a 1 minute video about the Immune Responses production

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About the educational games

The educational games are based on Nobel Prize awarded discoveries and were produced between 2001 and 2012. The games have not been updated since production (including potential scientific facts changes) and are provided here on an 'as is' basis by popular demand.

The games require Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash is an old technology with an end of life by 2020 and these games will then no longer work without a dedicated setup. If you are depending of these games in your profession, please advice your local IT support. We do not have the resources to provide support.

We hope to publish a new version of the Blood typing game, our most popular game, in mid-2021.